Terms & Conditions

Flight Delays or Flight Cancellations (Airport Arrivals only)

Your flight status will be monitored by our assigned driver. If your flight is delayed we will do our best to have a driver available upon arrival. There are no extra charges for delayed flights. In the rare case when a flight is severely delayed or canceled we will do our best to accommodate the change or offer a full refund if our schedule does not align with the new arrival time. We will issue a full refund for cancelled flights. 

We do not monitor flights for airport departures. Our standard cancellation policy will apply for Airport departure flight cancellations.

Changes to Reservations 

We do not guarantee a vehicle availability or pricing for any reservation changes but we will work with you to provide the best solution. If we are unable to accommodate your request due to availability, you can keep the original reservation or cancel the reservation.

Cancellation Policy

We require at least 12 hours cancellation notice by email or by phone prior to your pick up time for a full refund. If you cancel in less than 12 hours, we will charge you a cancellation fee:

50% of the total fare amount will be charged if cancelled in less than 12 hours but more than 6 hours. Gratuities will be 100% refunded. 

100% of the total fare amount will be charged if cancelled in less than 6 hours. Gratuities will be 100% refunded.

Full amount of the fare will be charged if the passenger fails to be at the designated pickup location. If you cannot locate your car, please do not leave your location without contacting us by phone at +1(213 )441-8218.

We do not provide a refund for unused portion of an hourly service. 

Wait Time Policy for Airport Curbside pick ups and Meet & Greet Service 

There will be no charge for waiting time if you meet the driver within the first 60 minutes after a domestic flight lands or within the first 90 minutes after an international flight lands. After this grace period, a waiting charge of $15 per 15 minutes will apply until you meet the driver. Please note that we will wait up to a maximum of two hours after the flight lands. If you do not meet the driver within this time, we reserve the right to leave the pickup location and consider the trip a no-show.

Wait Time Policy for Airport drop offs and Point to Point 

Our grace period for pickup is 15 minutes beyond the scheduled time. If you exceed this grace period, wait time charges will apply if we are able to wait. If not, we reserve the right to leave the pickup location and consider the trip a no-show. Wait time is charged at $15 per 15 minutes.

Please note that Express Lux VIP Car Service does not monitor train schedules. If you are arriving by train and if your is delayed by more than 15 minutes, wait time charges will apply.

Meet & Greet Service

Passengers will be met at the terminal shown on an Airline website. It is a passenger’s obligation to notify us, if an arrival terminal is changed. You can call us at 213-441-8218 or contact a driver directly. There will be no refund if a passenger is picked up from a different terminal other that shown on an Airline website. 

Sanitation & Damage Fee

A minimum of $250 Sanitation & Damage Fee will be charged for damages to Vehicles or Cleaning and sanitation Fee including but not limited to Alcohol, food, or trash spillage, broken glasses, upholstery rips or replacement, vomit or any interior or exterior damage caused by the Riders or party of the Riders including pets.

Lost or Damaged Items

Express Lux VIP Car Service assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings, or any items left in the vehicle.

Pet Policy

All pets must remain inside the pet carrier while on board. No pets will be allowed without a pet carrier. We have the right to cancel your reservation, if you don’t have a pet carrier.

No Smoking Policy

All of our cars are non-smoking. Client agrees that there will be no smoking in our vehicle(s).


Express Lux VIP Car Service reserves the right to “farm-out” any transportation service for any reason, and at any time, without any notice. Express Lux VIP Car Service only partners with safe and trusted vendors that are CPUC licensed and fully commercially insured.

Privacy Policy

Flat Rate Airport Car Service respects your privacy and your name and personal information will not be given to anyone. Your name and address will only be used by Flat Rate Airport Car Service for the purpose of rendering service or to collect payments for services rendered. Your e-mail address and phone number are used for sending confirmations, information and service enhancements.


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